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For years, AmnioFix has been used in orthopedic surgeries to prevent scar tissue growth and aid in healing. Now, the same protective benefits of collagen-rich human amniotic membranes are available in an injectable treatment for soft tissue and tendon injuries. Dr. Matthew Vogt and Dr. David Hunnius of The Sports Medicine and Regenerative Therapeutics Institute are among the only practitioners Hinsdale, Illinois to offer this revolutionary treatment option for those who are maxed out on steroid injections or no longer feel steroids can help. Call today for your appointment to see if AmnioFix is right for you.

Amniofix Q & A

The Sports Medicine and Regenerative Therapeutics Institute

What is AmnioFix?

AmnioFix is a dehydrated human amniotic membrane in powder form. When mixed with an anesthetic, the physicians can inject the compound into an area that has been affected by a soft tissue or tendon injury.

For decades, human amniotic membranes have been used in surgeries for its ability to aid in healing. Only recently, has AmnioFix been available in an injectable form that can be applied directly to the injured area during one or more office visits.

AmnioFix's bioactive tissue matrix reduces inflammation, prevent scar tissue from forming and enhance the body's ability to heal soft tissue. There are minimal side effects outside of injection site redness or discomfort that usually resolves within two to three days.

Many patients report relief after a single treatment, but your treatment schedule depends on your injury's severity.

What conditions can be treated with AmnioFix?

AmnioFix is the ideal treatment for soft tissue or tendon injuries that were irresolvable with conservative therapies.

If anti-inflammatory medications, bracing and physical therapy have failed to improve soft tissue or tendon injuries, or if you are seeking a non-steroidal injectable or have maxed out on steroid injections, AmnioFix might be right for you.

It can be used to treat plantar fasciitis, tendonitis in the knee, ankle or Achilles tendon or soft tissue injury that has happened as the result of overuse, injury or accident.

Is AmnioFix safe?

Human amniotic membranes are "immunopriviledged:" It doesn't create an immune response in the person receiving the injection the way blood, plasma or other substances could. In fact, in more than 400,000 allografts performed without any FDA-reported adverse side effects (a feat simply unheard of in medicine).

Human amniotic membrane is harvested, with consent, from mothers undergoing Cesarean sections. The membrane then undergoes the proprietary Purion Process that allows it to be safe for administration through injections.

AmnioFix is a safe, effective alternative to steroid injections or surgery when conservative approaches fail. For more information on AmnioFix or to schedule your consultation, contact The Sports Medicine and Regenerative Therapeutics Institute for your consultation.

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