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Sports Medicine

Advanced regenerative treatments that empower you to continue doing what you love.

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What is Sports Medicine?

Sports Medicine is focused on helping the athletic performance of professional and amateur athletes.

Sports medicine offers patients nonoperative treatments and therapies to improve sports performance and prevent sports injuries. It’s typically focused on the common conditions experienced by athletes and physically active people. At the SMaRT Institute, Dr. Vogt and the SMaRT Instituteuse traditional sports medicine approaches, including strengthening exercises and diet improvement, in coordination with innovative and cutting-edge regenerative medicine techniques. Those can include Orthobiologic therapy and biologic injections.


SMaRT Sports Medicine Specialists

Helping professional and amateur athletes with injuries

Whether it’s a round of golf or your last college football game, don’t let an injury keep you from enjoying the sport you love. At the Sports Medicine and Regenerative Therapeutics Institute in Hinsdale, Illinois, skilled experts in the nonoperative care of sports medicine and orthopedic injuries are here to help. Dr. Matthew Vogt and the SMaRT Institute are board-certified, fellowship-trained sports medicine physicians who bring specialized training and experience to patients of all ages in the Chicagoland area. If you have a sports injury, call today to schedule your appointment or book it online now.

If you think the SMaRT Institute can help you, call the office or book your appointment online today.

Conditions Treated

Commonly Treated Injuries and Treatment Goals

Sports Medicine Treatment Goals

At the SMaRT Institute, Dr. Vogt and the SMaRT Institutedevote time to finding the real cause of your pain. They focus on keeping you moving during recovery to optimize your safe return to play.

The treatment goal is to return you to your pre-injury condition as quickly as possible. To do so, your doctor uses a multi-faceted team approach. At the SMaRT Institute, the board-certified physicians treat weekend warriors and active adults as well as school-aged, amateur competitive, and professional athletes.

When you want pain relief and recovery from an injury without surgery, request an appointment with the physicians at the SMaRT Institute. If you think the SMaRT Institute can help you, call the office or book your appointment online today.

Commonly Treated Injuries
  • Concussions
  • Ligaments Tears
  • Meniscus Tears
  • Rotator cuff
  • Shoulder impingement
  • Sprains and strains
  • Tendonitis and bursitis
  • Tennis, golfer’s, or pitcher’s elbow
  • Shin splints

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SMaRT Procedures for Sports Injuries

The SMaRT Institute offers regenerative therapies to help with your sports injury. Depending on your injury and its severity, Dr. Vogt and the SMaRT Institutemay recommend Orthobiologic therapy, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy, or prolotherapy to support, and even enhance, your body’s ability to heal. Through these injection therapies, you can expect an accelerated healing response as well as a reduction in pain and inflammation. To bring you the best care possible, the SMaRT Institute uses Diagnostic ultrasounds, Ultrasound-guided injections and X-rays as a part of the treatment process.

Orthobiologic Treatments for Knees
Orthobiologic Therapy

Orthobiologic therapy is the biggest breakthrough to ever happen in regenerative medicine. By harnessing your body’s natural restorative ability, Matthew Vogt, MD and the SMaRT Institute use Orthobiologic therapy to enhance your body’s healing process and repair damage to cartilage, tendons, and ligaments.

AmnioFix for Knees

Orthobiologics are biological substances that are used to treat orthopedic conditions. These include bone marrow Orthobiologics and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) along with platelet lysate, growth factors, and many other substances that enhance healing.

Plasma Therapy for Knees
Plasma Therapy

If you’ve had an injury that’s taking too long to heal, Dr. Matthew Vogt and the SMaRT Institute may be able to help. At the Sports Medicine and Regenerative Therapeutic Institute, they offer platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy. Using your blood platelets, they can help heal wounds, soft tissue injuries, and fractures by activating Orthobiologics to regenerate new, healthy tissue.

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When to Call a Sports Medicine Doctor

The SMaRT Institute has the facts you need to know about your alternative surgical options. If you are experiencing any of the following painful symptoms, it is recommended that you contact a sports medicine specialist for assessment, diagnosis and to discuss the available treatment options.

Orthobiologic Therapy for Knees
Contact a Physician if you have any of the following symptoms:
  • Discomfort or pain when performing your specific sport
  • Disruption of sleep due to severe pain
  • Inability to perform your specific sport due to extreme pain
  • Limited range of motion in the specific area
  • Snapping or popping noise from the specific area
  • Stiffness, swelling, or weakness in your muscles or joints
  • Tingling or numbness in the specific area

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