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Surgical Alternatives

Advanced regenerative treatments that empower you to continue doing what you love.

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Surgery Versus Alternative Medicine

At SMaRT, we recommend the most conservative approach to healing for patients. After all, your body is fully equipped to heal on its own. But in some cases, an intervention is needed to jump-start the healing process so that you can get back to enjoying life sooner, not later. Getting the right intervention at the right time can reduce or eliminate the need for orthopedic surgery.


SMaRT Surgical Alternative Specialists

Alternative Options to Orthopedic Surgery

For your convenience, the Sports Medicine and Regenerative Therapeutics Institute, located in Hinsdale, Illinois, offers Surgical Alternatives. Utilizing advanced innovative equipment, Dr. Matthew Vogt and the SMaRT Institute can see how your body moves and determine where your issues are and what’s causing them, precisely and in real time. If you’re suffering from a sports injury or bone and joint pain, contact the SMaRT Institute today about surgical alternatives.

If you live in or near Hinsdale, Illinois, call the SMaRT Institute to schedule or book your appointment online today.

Conditions Treated

Commonly Treated Injuries and Treatment Goals

Surgical Alternative Treatment Goals

As orthopedic doctors, we see all kinds of degenerative musculoskeletal problems and athletic injuries that can only be corrected with surgical treatment, but for the majority of cases, regenerative medicine can provide major benefits. Those benefits include reduced recovery time, no incision or scarring, pain relief, and fewer complications than surgery. For severe injuries, stem cell therapy may be combined with orthopedic surgery to speed up recovery.

Regenerative techniques are highly successful because we use your own stem cells, taken from bone marrow or fat tissue, to deliver healing therapy right where you need it. Conditions treated include partial tendon and ligament tears, muscle tears, osteoarthritis, spinal pain, plantar fasciitis, hip pain, cartilage damage, and much more.

Results vary for each patient, but pain relief may last for many years or even be permanent, depending on the injury or disease. Because new collagen and healthy tissues are being regenerated beneath the surface, the benefits of regenerative therapy are cumulative. In other words, the therapy works to repair the damage while relieving pain, so you have a better chance of avoiding surgery.

What is the Procedure?

All of our regenerative therapies are non-surgical. Performed in the comfort of our own office, they usually take 1 to 2 hours to perform. We use a needle and syringe for the extraction and injection of stem cells and platelet-rich plasma. No sedation is required, but oral sedation is available for patients who request it. To ensure successful placement of the injection, we use ultrasound or fluoroscopy guidance.

When you want pain relief and recovery from an injury without surgery, request an appointment with the physicians at the SMaRT Institute. If you think the SMaRT Institute can help you, call the office or book your appointment online today.

Join Thousands Of Others Choosing Alternatives to Surgery

People with active cancer and/or infections are not candidates for stem cells or PRP injections. People with a history of bone marrow-derived cancer (i.e., lymphoma) might be able to use fat stem cells instead of bone marrow stem cells. If you are taking blood thinners, we will coordinate with your physician if treatment is appropriate. Call us with any questions and to schedule an initial consultation with a regenerative medicine specialist to see if you are a candidate for treatment with stem cells.

Get Started

SMaRT Procedures for Sports Injuries

The SMaRT Institute offers regenerative therapies to help with your sports injury. Depending on your injury and its severity, Dr. Vogt and the SMaRT Institutemay recommend stem cell therapy, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy, or prolotherapy to support, and even enhance, your body’s ability to heal. Through these injection therapies, you can expect an accelerated healing response as well as a reduction in pain and inflammation. To bring you the best care possible, the SMaRT Institute uses Surgical Alternatives, Ultrasound-guided injections and X-rays as a part of the treatment process.

Stem Cell Treatments for Knees
Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell therapy is the biggest breakthrough to ever happen in regenerative medicine. By harnessing your body’s natural restorative ability, Matthew Vogt, MD and the SMaRT Institute use stem cell therapy to enhance your body’s healing process and repair damage to cartilage, tendons, and ligaments.

AmnioFix for Knees

Orthobiologics are biological substances that are used to treat orthopedic conditions. These include bone marrow stem cells and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) along with platelet lysate, growth factors, and many other substances that enhance healing.

Plasma Therapy for Knees
Plasma Therapy

If you’ve had an injury that’s taking too long to heal, Dr. Matthew Vogt and the SMaRT Institute may be able to help. At the Sports Medicine and Regenerative Therapeutic Institute, they offer platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy. Using your blood platelets, they can help heal wounds, soft tissue injuries, and fractures by activating stem cells to regenerate new, healthy tissue.

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